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Texas Wild Hog Hunts

Best time of year is January - April.  Texas has the largest Feral Hog population of any state in the nation and South Texas has the largest density per acre, and that is where we hunt.  In Texas, the Feral Hog is not protected and can be hunted day or night, by any means. Curtis and his guides have been hog hunting for years in the South Texas Brush. Whether you are on a basic or fully guided hunt, Curtis and his guides will be glad to give you some pointers.

Rifle & Bow Hunts - This is our best selling hog hunt. We have five different ranches that are set up with blinds and feeders for hunting hogs with rifles and/or bows. Each ranch has a cabin, house, or lodge for the hunters to stay. This hunt is done successfully year round. When the weather in South Texas gets hot, most of the hog movement is after dark. I recommend that you come prepared to hunt at night. To aid in night hunting Texas Wild recommends thermal or night vision scopes. Most rifle blinds are 50 yards from feeders, and bow blinds are 30 yards. I do have several handicap accessible blinds. This is a two day, two night hunt, and each hunter can take unlimited amount of hogs. All hunting is done from elevated blinds. No stalking of hogs is allowed on any Texas Wild properties. The price of our basic hunt starts at $450 and the all inclusive is $750 per hunter.

-Basic Hunt Option

Texas Wild will have a guide meet your group, give you a tour of the ranch and a map with the blinds marked. You will be on your own after that. You will need suitable transportation while on the ranch. Help in locating downed animals and dressing harvested game is available on a pay as you go basis and should be arranged when booking this hunt. Price is $450/hunter for 3 or more hunters.  With two hunters the price is $500 each and with one hunter the price is $700.  Additional days can be added at $150/hunter/day. Most weekend hunters come in Friday afternoon in time to hunt (2 PM check in) and leave out on Sunday (11 AM check out), but this hunt can be booked any day of the week. This allows 4 hunting sessions and is what we call a two day, two night hunt. Call or e-mail for available dates and to book this hunt.

-All Inclusive Hunt Option

This hunt includes all the basic hunt plus meals, transportation while on the ranch, a full time guide to take your group to and from the stands, help in locating downed animals, and basic cleaning (gut, skin, quartered) of harvested game.  Price is $750/hunter with a minimum of 4 hunters.  

Hogs with Dogs

This hunt can be added on to a basic or all-inclusive hunt package. Seasoned hunters and novices alike will find the adrenaline pumping the minute they hear the dogs bay a hog and it won't stop until long after you harvest a Texas Wild Trophy Boar!

This is a fully guided 4 hour hunt done at night in the South Texas Brush with some of the best trained hog dogs in the state. Texas Wild will furnish a hunting vehicle with dog box, trained hog dogs, two-way radios, dog handlers, and snake-guard leggings. We recommend that each hunter bring a good flash light, a sharp hunting knife, and a side arm for personal protection. Hunt times vary with time of year and weather conditions. Price is an additional$300/hunter plus tips with a 3 hunter minimum. Limit of 2 hogs per hunter. 3-6 hunters work well on this hunt.

Call or e-mail for available dates and to book this Texas Wild hunt. 

Texas Wild Dove Hunts


Texas Wild specializes in Dove Hunting during the fall.  We start September 1, with the Central Zone Opener, and follow the birds south into the South Zone.   Our scouts and guides check available fields daily for birds, and we move our hunters to the birds.   Many years our winter season dove flights are great.  If you prefer to stay at a motel we recommend the Holiday Inn Express (830-769-3323), Sunbridge Inn (830-769-2100), or La Quinta Inn (830-769-3050).

Package Hunts - This is a great way for a company to entertain clients or for a group of close friends to get together. This hunt is custom fit to your needs. We can furnish meals, lodging and a place to hunt for the exclusive use of your group. We have several facilities that can lodge 8 to 40 hunters. We can add clays, fishing, bird cleaning and more to your package at your request. Two day packages start at $400 per hunter.  Call or e-mail for prices and availability.

Day Hunts - Texas Wild offers day hunts for dove in Atascosa, Bexar, Frio, Medina, and McMullen counties on an appointment basis. Price is $100 per hunter per day or any part of a day. If you are successful in shooting a limit of birds in the morning, you will not be allowed to hunt that afternoon. A deposit is required to book an opening weekend hunt, or for a group of 10 of more hunters. So far no group has been too large for us to handle. Call or Email to book your hunt. 

Texas Wild Whitetail Deer Hunt

TEXAS WILD Two Day Deer and HOG Package Hunt

Texas Wild is offering rifle and bow hunts for whitetail deer and hogs. Two days of hunting (4 hunting sessions) and lodging is $1500 per hunter (total cost, no kill fee). Minimum of 2 hunters. Each hunter is allowed to harvest one free range legal whitetail buck, one doe or spike, and one hog.  Call or e-mail for availability.

Texas Wild Turkey Hunts


Texas Wild has several ranches with river and creek bottoms where the "Rio Grandes" come out of hiding during the Spring.

Basic Hunt Option:  Two day, non guided hunt, no meals, includes lodging, limit is two gobblers. Price is $750 per hunter.

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